New Companies House checks when registering a company

Since December 2018, Companies House has been checking all new incorporation filings against the United Nations Designated Persons (DP) List. DPs are individuals and corporate bodies subject to financial sanctions because of the nature of their activities, such as genocide or terrorism.

Checks include proposed company activities, directors, secretaries, members and people with significant control for any matches to a DP. Filings that are found to contain any DPs, or those believed to sufficiently match a DP, will be returned for corrections and resubmission.

The UN sanctions are part of UK and EU law to prevent DPs leveraging economic resources, including companies. There are penalties to breaking that law.

This measure forms part of the UK’s wider anti-money laundering (AML) policies and will significantly affect how, and with whom, Companies House does business.

You can access the DP list here.

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