Re-enrolment of staff back into a workplace pension scheme is a two-stage process

Employers must carry out re-enrolment every three years or "triennially".

Employers must carry out re-enrolment every three years or “triennially”.

Firstly, employers must assess their workforce to determine which employees need to be “re-enrolled”. This applies to employees who have opted out or left the Workplace Pension. It also applies to employees who have chosen to contribute less than the minimum amount required by law.

Secondly, employers must complete and submit the online re-declaration of compliance to demonstrate to The Pensions Regulator how they have met this duty.

For more information on UK Workplace Pension Auto-enrolment or your re-enrolment obligations as an employer with UK employees, please contact Tim Atkins on / +44 (0)20 7430 5898.

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