Global Mobility Guide

Global Mobility trends are changing all the time but international assignments remain a vital asset to any company wanting to take advantage of new markets.

According to US researchers Forrester, companies that offer the opportunity to travel are also better equipped to retain talent by offering a better employee experience. With the developments we have seen in the last decade in terms of remote working advancements and the ability to communicate virtually more easily, there is no longer a need to be physically present in one location. Low unemployment rates in the US and UK combined with higher attrition mean that attracting and keeping the best talent has never been more important. Combine this with the opportunities offered by untapped international markets and you may find yourself unable to resist sending your employees on assignment overseas.

Whether you have a Global Mobility team ready to guide you through the process or you are taking a more self-service approach to sending employees overseas, we have highlighted some of the key areas to consider in order to keep compliant and create a robust international assignment strategy.

Download our Global Mobility Guide here to find out more.

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