Lockdown Easing: Updated Employer Guidance

With the news that lockdown measures will be eased in the UK from Saturday 4 July, employers planning to reopen operations have a lot to consider…

Information as of Friday 3 July 2020 at 5pm UK

Following on from our Employer Essentials update in May and the news that lockdown measures will be eased in the UK from Saturday 4 July, employers have a lot to consider if they plan to reopen the workplace. Below we touch on three areas to help you navigate preparing for reopening your office; however, there are many other factors to think about in respect of reintegrating your workforce and what employment related matters might look like post-coronavirus. If you would like to discuss how to plan for the future of work, please contact a representative below.

  1. Workers' Rights
  2. The Government has advised that people who can work from home should continue to do so. Where employers, in consultation with their employees, decide that employees should return to their place of work then this will need to be reflected in the risk assessment and actions taken to manage the risks of transmission.

  3. Reopening the Workplace  
  4. Where work can only be carried out in the workplace, the Government has set out guidelines for employers to help protect employees, visitors or customers. See the detailed Safe Working Guidelines for more information.

    From 4 July, people should either stay two metres apart or 'one metre plus' which means one metre plus 'mitigations' which will depend on the setting. Employers will need to plan for mitigations such as masks, installing screens, antibacterial and handwashing facilities, and limiting time indoors.

  5. International Visitors
  6. From 10 July, those travelling to England from travel corridor countries will no longer need to self-isolate for 14 days.

    Before your arrival in the UK, you must complete a passenger locator form and present these details upon arrival. This applies to both visitors and UK residents.

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