New Support for Researchers, Scientists and Technicians

Highly skilled researchers, scientists and technicians working at UK universities are set to receive greater job protection…

Information as of Monday 29 June 2020 at 12pm UK

Two significant support packages were announced by the UK Business Secretary, Alok Sharma, on 27 June designed to protect research jobs. The first is a new funding scheme which will loan up to 80% of a university's income losses from an expected decline in international students, and the other is an injection of £280m to fund extensions to grants that will help universities to continue cutting edge work.

Later this year, research-active universities across the UK, impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, will be able to access long term low interest loans (supplemented by a small amount of Government grants) covering up to 80% of income losses caused by a demonstrable decline in international students.

£200m in new Government investment will be made immediately available to support researchers' salaries and other costs such as laboratory equipment and fieldwork. The investment is designed to allow universities to retain research talent and protect innovative, groundbreaking projects.

UK Research & Innovation will also redistribute up to a further £80m of existing funding to support research and development (R&D) in universities.

The announcement follows the commitment by the Government to increase public investment in R&D to £22bn each year by 2024/25, putting the UK on the path to increase investment to 2.4% of GDP by 2027. The government has already committed to supporting university research and in May brought forward £100m of university research funding by a year to provide immediate financial support.

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