Global Mobility

Having a globally mobile workforce is an asset when expanding into new markets and can be key to attracting, developing and retaining talent but international assignments need careful management, which is where we come in

We help small, medium, large and multinational companies to manage the complex tax, planning, administrative and strategic aspects of deploying an international workforce.


As well as providing global mobility advice from our offices in London and San Francisco, we have affiliate mobility professionals in over 70 countries around the world.

Services include:

  • Assignment policies and assignment letters
  • Tax policies: tax equalisation/protection/cost plus
  • Assignment cost calculations, planning and budgeting
  • Avoiding double payroll withholding
  • Social security tax/national insurance planning
  • International payroll
  • Cross-border share reporting and pension issues
  • Health checks: mobility effectiveness reviews
  • Short term business visitor issues
  • UK residency test
  • Employment contracts, policies and HR advice

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