International Business Trips

The immigration rules in the UK change frequently and detailed advice should be sought well in advance of anyone travelling to the UK to perform duties

If you want to relocate people to the UK, then you will probably need to consider incorporating a UK entity to apply for a work permit to allow them to work in the UK legitimately.


Short Term Business Visitors

UK resident employers with short term business visitors can sign up for a short term business visitor (STBV) agreement or operate pay-as-you-earn (PAYE) tax withholding. How short term business visits are handled depends on a number of factors including time spent in the UK, the individual’s role, where costs are borne, who is the legal employer and who is treated as the economic employer.

We provide a wide range of services to ensure employers and their employees meet their obligations. Our support includes:

  • International assignment policy creation
  • Stock, salary and benefits alignment
  • Short term business visitor agreements and business visitor visas
  • Treaty claims for double tax or dual residence situations
  • Setting up and operating shadow payrolls
  • International social security compliance

Whilst there will be, in most cases, an obligation to apply UK payroll taxes to any earnings, there can be attractive tax and social security mitigation opportunities for both the individuals and the Company if appropriate planning is performed.

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