Team Building

Recruitment Company - £4m turnover - Oxfordshire

The company

The company was set up by a talented recruitment consultant and began trading in 2005 to provide comprehensive recruitment services within the IT marketplace. Since inception, they have actively expanded into other industry sectors, providing additional complementary services such as executive search & selection, outplacement and agency management.

The business challenge

The company grew modestly in its first four years and the director had responsibility for all aspects of procurement, placement and delivery.

The director recognised that, whilst he was highly skilled and experienced in his field, he didn't have all of the operational experience to manage a growing team and a multi-million pound company.

What the company needed was a stable and driven team, able to take responsibility for key areas and allow the director to focus on growing the business.

The solution

F&L initiated a strategic development programme involving holding an open forum for the team members, away from the director, to express their views and give input into the future development of the Company.

Prior to the meeting, the team were given  a thought piece with key questions that were going to be discussed at the meeting so they could attend the meeting fully prepared.

Once the meeting had been concluded and the thoughts, comments and input had been reviewed by F&L, a team transformation report was issued to the director.

This report highlighted the thoughts and comments of the team on the business as a whole , which allowed F&L to prepare a detailed schedule of observations and recommendations for implementation by the director.

A series of follow up meetings were then held with the director and the team to ensure that the items discussed in the meeting were followed up and the progress monitored by both parties.


The company has doubled revenues in each of the last two financial years, despite difficult general economic conditions. The director achieved an improved work/life balance due to the performance of an engaged and motivated team. F&L worked closely with the company at every stage of the business lifecycle, demonstrating that planning for the future and the team’s future is crucial. We recognise that whilst business owners may be skilled and experienced in their field, they don't always have time or the operational experience required for growth.

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